With more than 100 years of company history, DENON is one of the pioneers in consumer electronics. Founded in Japan in 1910 by the American entrepreneur Frederick Whitney Horn with various Japanese trading partners, the Nippon Chikuonki Shoukai, as the company was known at the time, produced long-sided recordings and a gramophone.

From the mid-1930s, the company was renamed to the DENON brand name known today. Many technical developments and innovations, certainly include the first professionally usable sound recording device (1939), the first stereo records and stereo systems (1951) and the first PCM recorder (1970 !!!), which formed the basis of later CD and digital technology showed.

Today DENON is one of the leading manufacturers of stereo and multi-channel components, which are constantly being developed and improved. Multiroom systems such as the HEOS is one of the latest innovations from DENON.

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